Where can I use my seat?

Your seat can be used anywhere,

• The beach or park

• Outdoor events such as sporting events, concerts or the outdoor cinema

• On the boat's foredeck or cockpit

• Poolside

• Reading

• Meditation

• Camping

• Fishing

they are light & easy to carry...... anywhere you want to sit you can now do it in comfort. 

 * The Comfort Seat is not suited for use in water

How do I change the position of the seat?

1) Move the back of the comfort seat forwards to unlock the hinge mechanism.

2) Move the back of the comfort seat backwards until it is in the horizontal position to lock the hinge     mechanism

3) Move the back of the seat forwards until it is in the right position (14 possibilities)

Can I take the cover off?

No. Do not remove the cover of the seat. You can open the zip for inspection purposes only.

How do I clean my seat?

The cover is simple to clean. Clean the cover using a sponge and a solution of lukewarm water & mild soap. Rinse off with clean water & dry thoroughly. Never store your seat away while it is wet. Please refer to our care page for further information.   

What if my seat gets wet?

The Comfort Seat is covered with marine grade water repellant fabric & water normally just beads off. If sitting in your wet swimwear the cover may get damp, simply allow to dry well before stowing away. The non-skid base is water-proof which enables you to place the seat on wet surfaces. The Comfort Seat isn't intended for leaving outside in heavy rain or for use in water.

Is there any way to secure the seat to our boat?

The Comfort Seat exterior is free of any buttons or grommets that may scratch your deck however you can attach a lanyard to the carry strap of the seat to secure it. 

How big is the seat, will it fit my space? 

The seat dimensions when flat are on the individual pages, for the approximate dimensions of the Classic Regular & Classic Mini in the upright position you can click here;



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